she's comin

in progress

She’s Comin is a semi-autobiographical piece about a woman's pursuit of an orgasm and the dynamics of gendered want. It asks the question: how can we morally pursue goals while we’re entrenched within the patriarchy?  I am currently developing this story as a graphic novel. Once complete, I will adapt it into a multi-media, one-woman show. 

Few things are more gendered than feminine self-doubt, and I was once close to abandoning the project out of concern that its semi-autobiographical nature condemned it to a shallow and ego-driven fate. I then told a few women about the concept and saw the spark in their eye. This isn’t just my story, it's an under-represented narrative that many people with vaginas struggle with. And if we accept the theory that humans are more easily able to identify with characters that posses simplified features, this makes the format of a graphic novel even more appropriate.

rough draft, thusfar

full layout

single page layout