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I thrive in the space where the performing and visual arts overlap

in this oblong portion of our media venn diagram

we can use the toys of our childhood as tools to

imitate, deconstruct, and rebuild our world

I'm Melissa (Mel) Carter

I grew up in Seattle                                

Then I fled to the east coast to attend

James Madison University

After graduation I toured with the National Players

and subsequently moved to DC 

resident artist with the 4615 Theatre Co

I believe that it is our artistic duty to show audiences the water they’re swimming in by reproducing the world for their consideration. The process of composing such microcosms requires artists to first deconstruct their subject and examine each piece, before putting it all back together, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of how the full unit functions--a depth of understanding that is passed along to our audiences, and one that is most useful if it is actionable. I believe in actionable art.

The act of creation is a demonstration of personal agency. It displays the potential each of us has to imagine and form a more perfect world by both generating art and affecting personal and political change. I am passionate about making art that meets people where they stand and helps them realize the potential energy tingling at their fingertips. 

Show me your hands. Let’s make something.

Headshots by Madeleline Bloxam Photography

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